1. General provisions To protect the legitimate rights and interests of users, and well know the service principle of AGRODEERE Tractor, including the service condition, scope and warranty term of product.
2. Service Principle The local service will be handled by the local distributor. All service should be done based on the principle of “maintenance and repairing as priority”, if the parts can’t be repaired, then change the parts. Parts assembly not allowed to be replaced generally.
3. Service Conditions Distributor should provide claim table and proved photos to manufacturer, then manufacturer will judge if the damaged parts belongs to warranty scope or not. If parts are damaged within the warranty term caused by technical design, raw material, and manufacturing process, product quality ., etc. manufacturer will offer the parts free of charge shipped with machine together.
4. Warranty Scope and Warranty Term Different warranty term on different tractor components Warranty Term: Complete machine: one year; Main Parts: 24 months;