MiNi Tractor

Ranging from 25HP to 50HP

6F+2R Transmission Cheap but quality Chinese Tractor Open Station, 2WD or 4WD Budget tractor for family farm small garden, chores around property.

Dimensions of tractorType/四轮驱动(4×4)
   Drive type (4×4)
Wheel basemm1520
Min.ground clearancemm235
Engine/3 cylinders, 4-stroke, horizontal, direct injection
Working partGear/(3+1)*2
PTO Type/Dependent, Clockwise, 6 Spline, Φ35mm
PTO Speedr/min540
Min.Turning Radius(m)4.2
Hydrualic system   Three point linkage/
   Rear,three-point suspension,cat 1
Hydrualic output/
   Simple output
Hydrualic adjustment type/Optional:forced hydrual system,position control,floating control
Rated Traction ForcekN5.55.86
TyreTyre (Front/ Rear)/Front: 600-14, Rear: 950-20
Other optionsAir brake/Optional
Outer   Parts/Sunroof,Safty ROP
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